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We are one of the only salons in Kuşadası with the quality of both hair extensions and hair dyeing, and we achieve perfect results.

Removing Hair Extension

Removal of all hair extensions We do removal of your hair extensions such as Tape Micro Beaded Fusion Linked

Hair Extensions Renewal

The hair extension renewal process varies depending on the hair extension. Please get free consultancy for your tape micro bonded and different extensions.

Editing Hair Extensions

You may be looking for a slight edit to your hair extensions, headbands or renewal of a few of the extensions. If you would like to have an application to make your hair extensions last longer, please contact us

Hair Extensions color combination

You may experience differences in the color tones of your hair for hair extensions. If your hair color has changed due to pool and sea effects in the summer months, you do not need to panic. Just contact us immediately to edit your hair color in a few minutes.

Hair Extension change

You may have had hair extensions and you may not have been able to use them comfortably. Hair extensions may not be suitable for your hair. Therefore, we can turn your weft hair extension into tape or micro bead or a different extension.

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