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Growing hair has never been easier for those looking for a quick change. It is applied in our hair extension salon. 100% natural hair, you can choose the desired length and color.

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Hair Extensions

Hair Extension Types

You can find different hair extensions in different colors, lengths and personalized colors.

Keratin Bonded Extension

hair extension Kusadasi

Fusion extensions are a hair extension method that involves adding extensions to natural hair using heat. Using a heated tool, the keratin is melted and the keratin is bonded to a small section of the client's natural hair. The molten keratin bonds the hair extensions to the natural hair, creating a permanent bond.

Before choosing fusion extensions, it is important to consult a professional stylist and ensure that the method is suitable for your hair type, texture and length. Additionally, proper care and maintenance is necessary for the longevity of the extensions and the health of your natural hair.

Clip-in Extension

best hair extension kusadasi

Clip-in extensions are hair extensions that have small clips attached to them, allowing them to be easily attached to the natural hair. They can be removed and reattached as needed and are a temporary way to add length, volume, and color to the hair.

Tape hair extensin kusadasi

Tape-in ​​extensions are a hair extension method that uses tape to attach the extensions to natural hair. A small section of the client's natural hair is sandwiched between two extensions and the tape is pressed firmly onto the hair, securing the extensions in place. It's important to consult a professional stylist before choosing tape-in ​​extensions and make sure the method is suitable for your hair type, texture and length.

Bead hair extensions


Bead hair extensions are a type of hair extension method that uses small beads or micro rings to attach the extension hair to the natural hair. The process involves threading the natural hair through a small bead or micro ring, then sliding the extension hair through the same bead or micro ring before clamping it shut with pliers.

Bead hair extensions are a popular method of hair extension because they are easy to install and remove, and do not require the use of heat or adhesives. However, they may not be suitable for everyone, as they can put tension on the natural hair and may cause damage if not installed and maintained properly.

All hair extensions related services

Removing Hair Extension

Removal of all hair extensions We do removal of your hair extensions such as Tape Micro Beaded Fusion Linked

Hair extensions color combination

You may experience differences in the color tones of your hair for hair extensions. If your hair color has changed due to pool and sea effects in the summer months, you do not need to panic. Just contact us immediately to edit your hair color in a few minutes.

Hair Extensions Renewal

The hair extension renewal process varies depending on the hair extension. Please get free consultancy for your tape micro bonded and different extensions.

Hair extension change

You may have had hair extensions and you may not have been able to use them comfortably. Hair extensions may not be suitable for your hair. Therefore, we can turn your weft hair extension into tape or micro bead or a different extension.

Editing Hair Extensions

You may be looking for a slight edit to your hair extensions, headbands or renewal of a few of the extensions. If you would like to have an application to make your hair extensions last longer, please contact us

You are considering hair extensions. Our working principle is to add hair that best suits the structure of your hair. First of all, if you have time for this, you can get free consultancy help from our salon.

The hair extension that best suits your hair structure is important for you to achieve the natural look you want. You can find the hair extensions you want in our salon or by special order. We carefully select the best quality hair. We pay attention to the quality of the hair before application. The hair extensions are made of 100% natural hair, and we carefully prepare the hair extensions first.

hair extension kusadasi

Hair extensions application methods



Micro Bead




€ 200.00

€ 200.00

€ 200.00

€ 200.00

€ 200.00

€ 200.00

Average Price Between 200 and 500 

The best hair extensions in kusadasi vary depending on the desired color and length. Therefore, it is important to get free consultation for good hair extensions.

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